If a car fanatic is already called a petrolhead, what makes someone a Drivehead?

When I first thought of the name, I thought that it accurately described the kind of enthusiast that I am. What kind? Let me describe.

I love driving cars. As long as the car drives well and the road conditions aren’t too poor, I will love driving that car around. It doesn’t matter how boring that car looks or how average that car is. Even if it’s just a standard Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic with an automatic transmission, I will not pass up an opportunity to take a road trip on that car.

How does that differentiate me from other car enthusiasts? Well, for starters, most ‘petrolheads’ will tell you that they couldn’t care less about the aforementioned cars unless they are heavily modified or swapped with a respectable engine like 4AGE or 3SGTE in the case of a Corolla.

Petrolheads will also not care about any car that boasts an automatic transmission unless that falls under the category of a supercar or a hypercar. Some petrolheads will only love Teslas as far as electric cars go. Hybrids or cars like Nissan Leaf will not make them bat an eye.

See, that’s where I come in. As a Drivehead, I love driving cars. Even if that’s a 1.2 Liter Suzuki Swift, I will enjoy the experience. And that’s why I came up with the term Drivehead, and I slapped it on myself.

So, there you have it. A brief introduction of who a Drivehead is, what The Drivehead is all about, and what you can expect to read on this site. Don’t forget to follow The Drivehead on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.