Driving Experience Review: 2019 Toyota Corolla in Dubai, UAE

Why would anyone talk about a five-year-old Toyota now? Well, I like to drive different cars and write about my experiences. I recently got my driving license in the UAE (I’ve held a license from home for years) and decided to start exploring the UAE with a rental Corolla.

I drove the GCC spec 2019 Toyota Corolla all across the UAE. Over a month, I clocked a little over 3,700 km. With that many kilometers behind the wheel, I gathered some wisdom that I believe would benefit anyone looking to buy a 2019 Corolla in the UAE or elsewhere in the GCC market.

I also have POV driving footage for the 2019 Corolla that you shouldn’t miss if you want to feast your senses on what it’s like to drive the fuel-efficient Japanese family sedan.

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